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Curtis Gunite – South Africa’s Gunite Contractors

Established in 1973

Today, Gunite is a material popularly used in a number of applications. The one thing you should keep in view while getting anything built with gunite, is to hire the best contractors. This ensures they will use the best materials and workmanship for the job and that the installation will last for a number of years. We at Curtis Gunite have been operating in this space since 1973.

Over the years, we have built a very strong reputation in this space and have catered to a large number of commercial and residential customers across the region. 

Experience with Gunite

With over 30 years of solid experience behind us, we have handled small-scale projects for individual customers, as well as large-scale ones for civil engineering companies. We provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of our customers. Gunite is popularly called sprayed concrete/dry shortcreet. 

Since it isn’t restricted to be applied on a framework, it helps save time and cost. This is used in combination with piling and soil anchors, as a lateral support in projects where deep excavations are done.Gunite contractors also use mesh and sprayed concrete in areas where there is a lot of soil erosion. We maintain very high quality standards in our work and ensure that our customers are 100{91324c1a17a482470e002e5bc10436ccce25a03a4900432d167b22d21772f50c} satisfied with the solutions we provide. 

Range of Applications

As mentioned earlier, gunite is an extremely versatile material and is used in a wide range of applications including: 

  • Gunite Swimming Pools– This becomes the perfect solution in larger pools as a uniform homogenous shell is required in these.
  • Lateral Supports- These are typically used in excavation in which the inner walls require additional support. Our contractors use this material to prevent the excavated area from collapsing right into the soil.
  • Embankment Stabilisation– We add a concrete layer above the soil in areas where soil erosion has to be prevented. This helps prevent the water run-off from washing away all the soil. In addition, we use it to bind loose rocks together; it prevents these rocks from falling down an embankment near highways and roads.
  • Sacrificial Linings– This is in the form of a pre-designed and pre-bagged mix that helps prevent any damage to concrete structures like tanks, silos and bins.
  • Restricted Access- There are times when accessibility is a big problem in projects where concrete application is required. In these cases, gunite becomes the ideal choice as it is sprayed concrete.
  • Pre-cast Walling/Fencing– If any precast walling needs to be strengthened, applying gunite helps reinforce ribbon walling or solid walling.
  • Underground Tanks- We have handled a large number of underground water reservoir installation projects and have built holding tanks using sprayed concrete
  • Irregular Surfaces- We use guinite to coat irregular wall surfaces etc in cases where it isn’t practical to erect formwork; this process saves a lot of money and time.

For more information about these services, Curtis Gunite is the company to call at +27 82-652-5205. Alternatively, use this online form to contact us and tell us what your requirements are.


Curtis Gunite commenced trading in 1973 as a specialist gunite company. With a crew dedicated to providing quality work, meeting the engineers specifications we are ideally suited to deliver. read more...


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