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The Importance and advantages of Embankment Stabilisation

We offer Embankment Expert Stabilisation in Johannesburg

How Does Using Gunite Help?Curtis Gunite started trading way back in 1973 and we are one of the leading companies in the gunite space. Our crew is committed to providing the highest quality work and we meet the engineer’s specifications to the tee. Over the last three decades we have expertly executed contracts for scores of civil engineering companies. Even as we handle large-scale jobs, the projects we complete for individual clients are also tackled with equal amounts of expertise and attention to detail.

Gunite in Embankment stabilisation

Gunite is a very versatile material and this makes it ideal for use in erosion control, earth retaining, on underground tracks, precast walls & fences, irregular surfaces and for embankment stabilisation. In the latter, gunite is used to prevent soil erosion. We do this by adding a layer of concrete on the surface of the soil.

This prevents water runoff from washing away the soil. In addition we use it to bind rocks & loose rocks together. This prevents the rocks from rolling down the embankment. This particular solution is used near highways and roads. We use these methods in the stabilisation process:

Soil Nailing
Helical piles
Driven Piles

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Why do Embankments Fail?
Embankments can fail due to a number of reasons such as:

Shallow top soil- this gets worsened in rainstorm situations

Embankments collapse very easily if the soil is saturated with water

Highly-decomposed rock on the embankment can weaken it

How Does Using Gunite Help?
Gunite is a specialized product that was developed as a solution for underground structures, tunnels, slope stabilisation, structural repairs & pools. It is essentially mortar that’s sprayed pneumatically onto the required surfaces at a very high velocity. Gunite/ shotcrete material is small-aggregate concrete or mortar that is applied using a wet/dry process. Once this material has been applied it consolidates and sets very fast.
What are the Advantages?
It is applied & consolidated simultaneously

Generally, the maximum aggregate size of gunite is 3/8″- this improves quality & manageability

It adheres to various surfaces much better than concrete does

Rapid deployment & low labour requirements

Reduced access-requirements for labour and plant & materials

Lower water-cement material ratio compared to what is commonly found in other mixtures

It can be used with steel fibre which offers ductility, flexural strength, ductility & toughness

Reduced health & safety risk

Reduced shrinkage & lower permeability

Cost-effective compared to conventional concrete

Sustainability benefits such as reduced carbon footprint & elimination of the use of any primary aggregates.

In short, when you opt for use gunite for embankment stabilisation, you are making a very smart choice and benefit in a number of ways. But it is important that this specialized job be handled by experts in the field. We at Curtis Gunite can handle this job to perfection and in the most professional manner. You can contact us on +27 82-652-5205 or via this online form.


Curtis Gunite commenced trading in 1973 as a specialist gunite company. With a crew dedicated to providing quality work, meeting the engineers specifications we are ideally suited to deliver. read more...


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