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Gunite Applications – Curtis Gunite

 Our work is high quality and meets or exceeds given specifications. Gunite is versatile and can be used as lateral supports for earth retaing, erosion control, on precast walls and fences, underground tanks, on irregular surfaces where normal concrete is difficult to shutter.

Services We Provide

Gunite Swimming Pools

For larger pools where a uniform homogenous shell is needed gunite is the perfect solution. Where work stops the previous day, the gunite can be applied immediately the following day without risk of cracks or dry joints.

Lateral Supports

Lateral supports are generally used in excavations where the side walls of the excavation need to be supported by a medium like gunite to prevent collapsing of the soil. The deeper the excavation the more involved the support system.

Embankment Stabilisation

Gunite is used to either prevent erosion by adding a concrete layer on top of the soil to prevent water runoff washing the soil away. Gunite can also be used to bind rocks and loose rocks together to prevent rocks falling down the embankment. This is particularly used near roads, highways etc.

Sacrificial Linings

Here gunite is applied normally from a pre bagged, pre designed mix with specific goals in mind. The lining is to protect and prevent damage to the concrete structure of the bin, silo, tank.. 


Restricted Access

Sprayed concrete is a fantastic solution where access or accessibility is a problem

Irregular Surfaces

Gunite is used to save time and costs of erecting formwork where it is not practical to do so. 

Underground Tanks

Underground water reservoirs, holding tanks are very successfully built using sprayed concrete. A concrete deck or lid is used to cover the tank using a beam and block system.

Pre-cast Walling/Fencing

Existing precast walling is strengthened with the application of gunite and reinforcing to either solid walling or ribbon walling.


Curtis Gunite commenced trading in 1973 as a specialist gunite company. With a crew dedicated to providing quality work, meeting the engineers specifications we are ideally suited to deliver. read more...


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