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Curtis Gunite offers underground Storage tanks in Johannesburg

When it comes underground tanks, gunite has caused a revolution in their construction method. Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement and water and is sprayed using a hose. Gunite has now become the preferred choice of a number of builders because of the various advantages associated with its use. With gunite, it is also possible to customize the shape of construction of underground storage tanks to suit your surrounding landscape. We at Curtis Gunite have expertise in Gunite constructions and specialize in its use. We take pride in calling ourselves gunite experts. Our clients are 100{91324c1a17a482470e002e5bc10436ccce25a03a4900432d167b22d21772f50c} satisfied with our work and their words of appreciation are a proof that we do our job well. Gunite underground storage tanks and swimming pools.

Benefits of Gunite

We use Gunite for our underground storage tanks. Another name for gunite is shotcrete. It can be defined as a mixture of concrete that is applied to the surface using a wet or dry process depending on the requirement. As soon as it is applied to the surface, the process of consolidation and settlement of gunite starts. Here are a few reasons why we prefer gunite for underground tanks constructions:

It adheres to the surface better as compared to concrete 

Due to the aggregate size it offers improved quality and better manageability

Lower shrinkage and lower permeability

The construction takes lesser time

The cost of construction is lower

It is more durable and flexible

Our Services

Our mission is to perform every job exceptionally well and leave our clients satisfied. The quality of our work is very high and meets all the specified standards. We have been in the construction business for more than 30 years and have accumulated tremendous knowledge and experience over these years. If you need to build underground tanks in your backyard or at any other place in your property, get in touch with us today. However, the list of our services does not end at underground storage tanks only we also offer below mentioned services:

Swimming pools – Gunite is now considered to be the perfect material for swimming pools. It gives a homogenous surface and the shape can be easily customized.

Stabilization of embankments – Gunite prevents water run-off from washing the soil. It is also used to bind and hold rocks to prevent them from falling.

Lateral supports – These are widely used at excavation sites.

Construction in areas which are difficult to access – Spraying gunite is a very convenient way of construction in areas which are not easily accessible.

Repair of irregular surfaces – Since, gunite provides a homogenous and smooth surface and can be easily applied to any surface. Therefore, it is widely used in repair of surfaces.

Underground StorageTanks and Swimming pools

If you require any type of construction, then you can give us a call on our number +27 82-652-5205. You can also send us a fax at +27 8666-99318. If you have any queries you can send in your queries via email at russ@curtisgunite.co.za. 


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