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Sprayed Concrete – Curtis Gunite

Curtis Gunite offers Expert Sprayed Concrete Services in Johannesburg and Surrounding Areas

At Curtis Gunite, we are the industry-leading Sprayed Concrete (gunite) specialists with specialization in the trade for projects related to Swimming Pools, Embankment Stabilization, Underground Tanks, Walling & Fencing and a number of other tasks. Our experience spans dozens of project types and hundreds of completed projects over a span of more than 40 years.

Our Team

Our gunite specialists:

  • Bring quality workmanship and quality materials to each and every projects
  • Meet all the engineer’s specifications
  • Have decades of experience in the field

We have delivered customer satisfaction for over four decades for both domestic customers and commercial clients, especially from the field of civil engineering.

The Gunite Advantage

The use of gunite means higher flexibility and better scope for different types of applications.

Absence of formwork means more savings in terms of time and money. The technique has been successfully applied to areas that suffer from rigorous soil erosion, protecting them with a combination of gunite and mesh. We also provide related services for the application of the material for strengthening surfaces in deep excavations. Our professionals are also specialized in carrying out repair works using gunite for your concrete structures that suffer from deterioration.

Our Versatility

The flexibility of Gunite in terms of its application enables us to provide a wide range of services with Sprayed Concrete.

Swimming Pools – Larger pools require a consistent shell, and gunite is the ideal solution. It can be applied on newly constructed or repaired pools after 24 hours.

Embankment Strengthening – We can apply layers of gunite on the embankment surface to prevent water from washing away the soil. Our Sprayed Concrete specialists can also apply the layers to stabilise and bind rocks to prevent them from falling down.

Lateral Supports – We also provide services for application of gunite on side walls of excavations for additional strength.

Sacrificial Linings – Linings of gunite could be used for protecting concrete structures such as tanks and silos.

Strengthen Pre-cast Wall / Fence – We can strengthen the precast wall by applying gunite.


Curtis Gunite commenced trading in 1973 as a specialist gunite company. With a crew dedicated to providing quality work, meeting the engineers specifications we are ideally suited to deliver. read more...


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